About me


I am Class of 2017 Computer Science Graduate Student from Northeastern University actively seeking a Full-time Developer Opportunity.

I am enthusiastic about Mobile Application Development using Android as well as Full Stack Software and Web Application Development using MEAN Stack and Java.

I love traveling, music, watching sitcoms, photography, am adventurous by nature, a fast-learner, amicable and adaptive.

Academic Projects

  1. Committee Creator System
    • Java App
    • Voted as the Best Team Project Presentation
    • Implemented a query engine that retrieves the result set from PostgreSQL database.
    • Integrated all the modules to make the system work together.
  2. Mobile Data Crowdsourced Annotation System
    • Android and Web Apps
    • Developed a local web page on NodeJS to store multiple raw acceleration data files together on Firebase Storage and simultaneously make their path entry in Firebase Realtime Database.
    • Implemented a demo Android app to fetch, read and plot the data from the above-saved files.
  3. TampX Check
    • Android App
    • Lady Problem, AngelHack Boston Hackathon 2016
  4. Music Around Me
    • Mobile and Web Responsive MEAN Stack App
    • Integrated Eventful API with Google Maps and Facebook login APIs to enable easier searching of music concerts and events as well as a social media platform particular for such music-related events.
    • Source Code
  5. Eat Slowly Trainer
    • Android Wear App
    • Implemented detection of eating gesture of the user without using any third party library.
  6. Agent Playing Blackjack with Advice
    • Artificial Intelligence Java App
    • Programmed an agent to incorporate card-counting and Q-learning to play a game of customized Blackjack against a human player.
    • Customized the gameplay by using deck of twenty-eight playing cards, using cards 2 through 7 and Ace who would add up to a sum of total 15 instead of 21.

Independent Projects

  1. Weather Map Web App

    APIs used: Dark Sky Weather Forecast API and Google Maps JavaScript API

    Tech Stack: AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, Angular-nvD3, JQuery, Moment, BootStrap

    IDE: IntelliJ WebStorm

    Hosted on Heroku


Technical Skills Set





Operating System


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